Thursday, March 22, 2018

{Summer is Coming}

Well, maybe it's just the beginning of a spring and we are expecting 5-8 inches of snow this weekend, but I'm itching for some more weather.
Warm weather, so the kids can play outside, get dirty, go to the lake, longer days, relaxation, grilled food It sounds perfect doesn't it :) I know how much I love summer, but lets be honest, it is also busy.

Today I wanted to share some tips with you to find the balance of fitting in healthy meals and workouts, despite your full schedule. 

1. Say "No" more often. This is sooo hard for me, I'm a people pleaser, but I'm learning that I'm human and I have limitations and that means I can't do it all. it's ok for me to say no. 

2. Streamline the Morning rush: Take some off the stress of the morning by prepping some the night before. Layout your clothes for the next day, pack lunches, place jackets and bags by the door, skip checking your email and Social Media until everything else is ready. 

3. Put free time on your schedule: that sounds crazy, but I know how much I live by a schedule so put that free time on their! I also schedule my daily devotions and my workouts. That way they are sure to get done. 

4. Track how you spend your time. For me I know how often I get caught up in scrolling my newsfeed, I look down and I wasted 30 minutes. If I track my time I'm less likely to do this. 

5. Have your kids help with meal prep. Spend one afternoon a weekend batch prepping meals for the week. Include your kids, have them peel the carrots, cut the veggies, etc. stick with easy recipes, 

6. Delegate some household duties. 

7. Make family time more active. Go outside for a walk, a bike ride, if its cold and icky outside, play a game inside, throw on Double time the kid friendly workout. 
I hope you find some of these tips helpful!

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

be still

My move to Haiti came to me in the most unexpected way. I was a single, 20-something teacher. Full of life and things. While on the outside it seemed I had to all together, on the inside I was a mess. I struggled with knowing my worth, struggled with the waiting on those prayers that were going unanswered for a spouse and questioning if there was more out there for me.

Instead of dealing with these feelings, I filled my life with busyness. If someone asked, I said yes. I used things and time as a way to escape my fears, disappointments and calling.

It was in a small chapel service at school, that I heard the calling..."Many will do in my name, but He will say, I never new you."

Did I really KNOW Him? I went through a period of time where I skipped out of church and instead spent those hours in the stillness of my house getting to know HIM. It seemed everything about what he did and said to do, was to go. But what did that mean? I had already went. I had taken the myself and all of my belongs across the country by myself.

At the same time, my parents had been on a trip to Haiti, which was  God sized miracle...they asked me to go with on another trip, so I did. Again, I felt God saying GO. I changed jobs, so I could travel and GO...Yet, I still felt God saying GO...give me it ALL.

So I went.

I was stripped of everything and almost everyone I knew. It was there I realized God had something far greater than I could every dream of for me and my unanswered prayers. It was there that I saw what HE could do with my LITTLE and my OBEDIENCE.

4 years ago, we left that place, but I left parts of me there. The last 4 years have been a struggle of waiting and wondering what my purpose is again.

Again, I've found myself saying yes to many things, hoping it is the thing that is far greater than I could have imagined. Wondering, when the wait will be over, when He is going to do the BIG THING.

But MAYBE, He's NOT??

Yes, you heard me, maybe there isn't a big thing.

Maybe the far greater is within the 4 walls of our house...
Maybe the far greater is in the small....
Maybe the far greater is being faithful with the few...

I don't have the answer, but I do know, for NOW, He wants me to be still...

to be still and be content in the waiting.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dear Emerson

Emerson -

As the day of your arrival comes closer, I can't help but wonder about you. Of course, like everyone else, we wonder your skin color, hair color, hair texture....but so much more than that, will you have your daddies calm and patient personality, or will you be like me, or a mix. Know matter what, you are dearly loved and you are WANTED.

There are so many things I want to tell you, so many dreams that I have for you you.

First of all and most important, put your faith and hope in Jesus Christ our Savior. He took your place for your sins and wants you to have abundant life. May your life be for His glory and be a reflection of Him.

Be a leader...instead of following your friends, lead them. When you have a family, lead your family. Lead like Jesus, not domineering, but as a servant. Lead by example. With how you live your life, and how you treat others, with how you work.

Work hard. It will get you far in life. Even if you don't like the job or have a passion for it, WORK HARD. There will be many life lessons you will learn through this, but I guarantee you will have no regrets if you worked hard.

Choose your friends wisely. Choose people that lift you up, encourage you and make you a better person.

Put others first. You will have trials in many relationships and friendships, but if you put others first, you will know you have done the right thing.

Remain pure. This will be hard. There are pressures in relationships; from your peers, from the world, but your purity is worth the trials. On top of that I pray you are a man that keeps your future girlfriends pure as well. Don't pressure them. Think of them and there emotions. Keep them pure too.

Have compassion. In the world you will hear that men are to have strength, don't be confused, this doesn't mean you can't have compassion for others. Always put the needs of others above your own and give of yourself whole heartedly.

I pray you have integrity. Do the honest thing. It's not always the easy path, but it's the right path. That will mean you will need to own up to your mistakes. Trust me when I say that covering them up won't make them right or go away, but that it will only make it worse. Do the right thing, even when no one is looking and even if no one will ever find out (however, I will say, they almost always come out).

As your parents we will try to teach you these things and more. We love you deeply and want Gods best for your life.

Friday, October 28, 2016

2016 Holiday Mug Swap

I've seen these Mug Swaps hosted before and after purchasing my holiday mug set and seeing all the responses, I realized everyone loves a good mug! So, I decided to host a Holiday Mug Swap.

1. Sign up using the below form. Open to everyone (not just bloggers), but must have a US mailing address.
2. Sign ups close September November 11 and you will receive your partner by the 14th at the very latest.
3. Spend 1 -2 weeks getting to know your buddy through the social media information you were given. 
4. Send out a mug to them before December 2nd.  The MAXIMUM you should spend on the mug is $15.  – you’re partner deserves a nice mug!
5. I’d love to see your mugs when you get them. Use the hashtag #RRHolidayMugSwap16 to share pictures and tweets!
6. Share it! Make sure to tell your friends about the swap on twitter and instagram!
Disclaimer: I’m hosting this swap as a fun way for people to connect and have fun swapping a mug. However, I can’t be held responsible for your partner’s actions. I like to believe everyone will be fair and only sign up if they intend to swap a mug, but there is always an off chance that someone is dishonest. If you haven’t heard from your partner or do not receive a mug, please email me to let me know ( and I will do the best I can to remedy it, but no promises can be made. 
After you’ve read all the rules, and agree the the terms, go head and

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happy 2 Years Lia Marie

Lia Marie -

Happy Birthday! Or as you would say Happy Happy. It's so hard to believe that you have been in our lives for 2 years. While it is so hard to even remember our life without you, it seems like just yesterday I was holding you in that hospital room. The last two years have been filled with lots of sleepless nights, joy, laughter, tears, exhaustion, and memories. It has been a fun year of seeing your learn new things, learning to talk, and seeing your personality.

As each day goes by, my prayers for you grow stronger and stronger. You are very strong-willed and some days I struggle and struggle on how to handle that, but my prayer is that as parents we can teach you how to channel that will and not diminish it. That you use it to grow into a independent women, who will have the gumption to be obedient to the Lord, no matter what He asks.

You are full of life and personality. You have so much joy and your smile and your eyes can light up a room. I pray you use this to encourage others. To be a light among the dark. Keep your hope. This world is very dark and it needs your light, so let it shine.

My prayer is that you will have compassion. That you will see others that are hurting and be driven to do something.

I also pray that the Lord will show Himself to you. That He will pursue you and that you will pursue Him! I pray that you will see your depravity and your need for Him. While you have an independent spirit,  that you see your need for Him and that you learn to be dependent on Him.

Lastly, may you always remember..."The Lord your God is with you, He is might to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing." Zephaniah 3:17.

Love you always,