Thursday, July 2, 2015

{July Goals}

Why is it that the summer months always fly by? I love Minnesota Summers...The longs days, weekends at the lake, baseball at the park, boat rides, etc. with that being said, June is over...let's see how we did. 
June Goals
1. Read 1 fiction/1 non fiction book -I got through 2 fiction books and 1 non-fiction
2. 100 of 1000 gifts -I love this of my favorite things to do each morning.
3. Help 5 new people reach their fitness goals - Had a great month and I have seen people make incredible transformations!
4. Run a half marathon - Ran in Fergus Falls half and PR'd
5. Date Weekend- this is the one I'm most proud of!! We left Lia with my parents and spent a night away. We had hibachi and relaxed in our hotel!!
6. Use Wife after God book as a devotional this month. - I did this a couple of years ago, but such a great book to focus on our marriage.
7. Spend a couple nights at the cabin as a family.- We spent 2 Friday nights there! I loved it!!

WOW!! I didn't think that would ever happen...completing every goal. Here we go for July.

July Goals
1. 100 of 1000 gifts
2. Start a 1000 gifts IG account - Just an IG account to document these gifts!
3. Read 1 fiction/1-nonfiction book
4. Help 5 new people reach their fitness goals
5. Start training for another half marathon.
6. Trip to Chicago
7. Do something fun every Friday

I hope you all have a great month!!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

{Happy First Father's Day}

Claudy -

When we first met, I remember watching you with kids at different orphanages or schools we would visit and thinking, wow he is so good with those kids. Then, when we were engaged, I watched you take my nieces and nephews and make bonds with them. I would watch you play with them, tease them and just spend time with them. I always thought, you would make such a good dad. In fact, when I watched you with them, you reminded me so much of the qualities I loved about my own dad.

When we found out we were pregnant with our baby, you were so excited... you were connected immediately and you would talk to the baby, etc.

Then it was time for the baby to come. You were nervous and unsure you would want to be in the room, but like any dad, she came and you did great!!!

We really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and how hard this year would be, but we have made it!

You love our little girl so much and it shows. You take time to play with her, talk with her, feed her, etc. There have been many times that I think, "Wow, he is such a good dad." I don't always voice it out loud, but you are so good to our little girl.

I love when she cuddles up next to you in our beds and touches your face to feel you near. I love when she gets fussy in the evenings and you take out your guitar and start playing worship music and singing together. I love when you play basketball and soccer with her. I love that she goes to sleep better for you. I love how protective you are of her. I love that you are making memories and forming bonds with her.

You have grown so much in this last year. Becoming a daddy has changed you. I loved you before you were a daddy, but my love for you has grown in ways I didn't even realize it could.

I'm so glad you're the one Lia calls DAD!!

I love you!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

{June Goals}

May was one of those long, but short months...Like I can't believe that it is already June, but May seemed like it lasted forever! 

I love summertime, so I welcome June with open arms!

Here's a recap of my May Goals. 

1. Read 1 fiction/1 non -fiction book:I did it :)
2. Two play dates this month. - We only got in one last month
3. Go on a family trip!! - We went to Haiti! Such a great trip
4. Girls Night - This didn't happen
5. Write 1 hand written note each week. - Neither did this one
6. 100 of 1000 gifts. I love this habit!

Now for this month. 

June Goals

1. Read 1 fiction/1 non fiction book - This is my yearly goal. Also, I've felt convicted lately about how I spend my time in the evenings. So, I've been turning off the tv and internet and just reading :) 
2. 100 of 1000 gifts - Again this is a yearly goal
3. Help 5 new people reach their fitness goals
4. Run a half marathon
5. Date Weekend (It's are anniversary this month). 
6. Use Wife after God book as a devotional this month. 
7. Spend a couple nights at the cabin as a family.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

{Lia's First Trip to Haiti}

We just got back from a trip to Haiti and this was Lia's first trip! I didn't get a ton of pictures, but here are some of the ones that I took. 

Helping me pack her suitcase, she wanted to go inside. 

I was packing our supplies and she was taking it out faster than I could put it in. 

At the hotel, we all slept in the same bed, so I didn't have to load the pack and play at 2:30 AM

Obensen - she loved him. I think it looks like he liked her too!

The girls at the orphanage loved Lia. They were very curious about her and her daddy!

Sometimes a box is better than a toy!

Meeting Grandma!! Claudy didn't tell her we were bringing Lia, she was very surprised!!!

Playing in the Kivet to cool down. 

3 generations!

With "Uncle" SonSon

With Daddy and his Friends

Playing soccer. She will have to learn!

Daddy helping. 

With Islande's family. 

With My friends Quinton and Rebekah
We had a great trip! Lia did amazing! So fun to have her see her dad's country. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

{Lessons Learned During Motherhood}

I by no means have this whole mothering thing figured out. In fact, each day I realize how much I have yet to learn and how much I daily need God's grace to get me through the day, but I have learned some lessons even in my first year of motherhood.

1. Every child is different - While I think it is good to seek advice from others, I've come to realize that no child is the same, they all learn to sleep through the night at different times, they like different foods, they learn to be mobile at different times, etc..

2. Stop comparing - Everyone's life situations are different, but everyone is doing the best they can...stop comparing to other moms and other kids. 

3. Be intentional - While Lia is still very small, I've noticed she still desires all of me. I work from home and feel like this is where I struggle the most. Sometimes I feel that I don't spend enough intentional time with her. I've been trying in the evenings to put my phone away and just to be with her until bed time. I've noticed she is way less fussy and she loves the time of playing. 

4. Take time with your spouse - I'll be the first to admit we aren't the best at this, but it's important that my hubby still comes before Lia and it's great for her to see us working on our marriage. 

5. Don't stress the little things - My mom told me this over and over again. It's amazing how it applies to every aspect of life, including motherhood. 

6. Give your children to God - Lia is a of God's greatest gifts he's every given me, but ultimately Lia is his daughter. There is a lot of fear in parenthood, but their is freedom in letting Her go and placing her in the hands of her Father! 

7. Be consistent - Lia loves a routine and I know as we get into her life more consistency with discipline will be key.

8. I'm a work in progress - I don't have motherhood figured out. In fact, when I think I have a handle on my little girl, something changes, we have a week of no sleep, etc...Also, there are so many times, I act out of selfishness, instead of out of grace. I'm a work in progress and that is ok.

9. Motherhood is about looking more like God - I was running with a good friend a couple of years ago and we were talking about marriage and how it was refining me, it was a like a mirror looking back at me. She commented that marriage is one of things God uses to make us look more like him, then she added, motherhood will do the same. She is right, Motherhood has shown me more areas of my life where I am weak and where I need God's grace.

What have you learned about from motherhood?

A special shout out on this fine day, to my mother! Thank you for loving me, thank you for being an example of a a Godly wife and mother and thank you for your selfless love! I love you!