Monday, April 22, 2013

Friday Favorites - April 5

1// Chalkboard Printables - I'm addicted. I love these things. So cute and for a home, so easy and inexpensive to change up. Plus they are really encouraging. This printable came from Sweet Blessings. Check their webpage out for more great stuff. 

 2// I love this Sandra Roberts Bag...I've been in search for a new "laptop bag" that doesn't look like a laptop bag, but can hold one and other stuff. I found this one, but it was white...which scared me. I'm still looking for the perfect bag!! (Yes, I'm a bag lady as my dad would say!!)

3// Dry Shampoo...why did no one tell me about this stuff before. Because I am a runner I was washing my hair about 2 times a day. I love that I can spray this stuff in and save my self from a wash!! 

 4// New iPad holder. I've searched and searched...found this at Marshall's for $5...I love it! 

 5// Roman's 12: 9 - 13 what a piece of scripture...Challenging...what does it mean to Hate what is Evil..then you get to verse's short, but watch out...A lot of commands that are difficult in one little verse!! I've been so challenged, especially to be faithful in prayer. It's an area that I have struggled with a lot in my life. How to faithfully pray for others and intercede. God has been stretching me. I've joined this blog in doing the #PrayerDare. 

 6//Coloring Easter Eggs...we didn't have we used MIO drink concentrate...They were odd colored Eggs, but we had fun!! 

 7// I've been trying to run more. Push to a newer level. I want to do another marathon this year. Yesterday I was feeling sluggish, then looked at my watch and realized it was the fastest run I've had here!! I hope you have a good weekend!!

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