Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{Everyday in May} - A day in the life

 To be honest, I'm not sure anyone cares what a day in my life looks like :)
But here goes. 

6:30 am - Coffee and the word...always in this chair. 

8:00 Time to start grading

10:00 - Hubby brought me a piece of watermelon. 

11:00 - Went to see how the group was doing, teaching knitting. 

12:30 - after lunch I made a batch of sun tea!

2:30 - I'm still in my office...It's time for a diet coke break to get me through the evening :) 

5:00 - Done calling my students for the day! Time to hit the road...had to wear old shoes, lots of rain...lots of mud!!

5:15 - Saw this cute baby donkey (bourik) on my run. Had to take a picture because he is soooo cute :) 

8:00 - after dinner...hung out with the group. We laughed a lot. 

8:45 - Ended the night, watching Jack Bauer and NBA with my hubby :) 

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