Monday, May 27, 2013

{Everyday in May} - Dear Readers

Dear Readers - 

I started blogging in 2009, at a site called Thoughts with Tink (don't ask)...I started it for myself, as a place to process my journey. God was moving on my heart to "GO" and I wasn't sure what that I started documenting with what he was telling me. In 2010, I knew I was being called to "GO", so I started a new blog Nuesties News to document my life on the mission field. Now, my husband and I are moving home for a "time" and I'm not ready to give up on blogging. I like it, it helps me share, it helps me grow.

For those of you that have been following from the beginning, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to share my heart and life with you. Thank you for being a listening ear and giving me encouragement through those hard days. Thank you for supporting me to do God's work and to be His hands and feet. You have truly allowed me to share anything and that has been one of the greatest gifts. 

For those of you that are new to my blog, and started reading at The Redeemed Runner...thank you for allowing me to continue my journey. Moving home, doesn't mean our journey is over...there are hard days for us ahead...thank you for joining us in the journey. Thank you for inspiring me to write! 

Thank you!!!

PS...we were to have 4 interns arriving today and along with my good friend Katie. Can you please pray for them. All flights into PAP were canceled today. 


I'm not gonna lie...this blogging everyday thing is tough, even with a prompt. So, I took the day off yesterday. 

I didn't read this online, I watched it, but loved it!!  Hope you enjoy it too!


Stacia {simply stacia ~ the blog} said...

I LOVED the video!!! It brought back memories of The Fresh Prince and neat!!

Glad we connected and looking forward to reading more :)

Ashlee Francois said...

Right...I laughed so hard when I first saw it :)

Rachel said...

Lovely letter and I LOVE THAT CLIP!!! It has totally made my day, thanks for sharing xx

Abigail Jasmine said...

Aw love this...and your blog!!! Beautiful!!!

Ashlee Francois said...

Thanks girl! I thought the clip was so funny! :) The good old shows :)

Ashlee Francois said...

Thanks Girl!