Saturday, June 15, 2013

{Happy Father's Day} - Dear Dad

Dear Dad - This is my first father's day as a married's ok, I'm still your little girl.

 I have so many good memories with you. From laying by your side every morning before school, you curling my hair to get me ready in the mornings, you waking me early and our morning runs, calling you when practice was done and meeting me at the gym to work some more, all of the games you attended, your trips to Florida, our many trips together to Haiti, giving you a list of qualities for my husband...there are too many to count. 

You mentioned the other day that I forgot about the bad see dad, I didn't forget about the bad memories, but those are good memories...those moments made me who I am today, they made our relationship special. I'm so blessed...

You see dad, there are many girls that have to wonder if they are loved...while some of those moments were hard...I never questioned your love for fact those moments were hard because you loved me, because you wanted what was best for me. I never had to question wanted me to be my best, and I'm me today, because of that. 

Dad, I never had to wonder if I was always told me.
I never had to wonder if you were proud of always told me.
I never had to wonder if you loved always told me. 

Thank you for always taking time with me, for affirming me and raising me in a Christian home. Thank you for giving me a standard to live by! 

I'm so blessed by you!

I love you!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Ashlee! Touched our hearts. You are an amazing young woman, making both your earthly an heavenly Father's proud! Blessed to be friends with your family sharing united hearts for Haiti!

ThistleAshD said...

This is beautiful! Kinda made me tear up. I can only imagine how much it touched your dad!