Tuesday, July 9, 2013

{Why Running is Awesome}

I'm joining some of the running blogs that I follow to day and talking about why we love running
 photo 8f14e170-2890-4880-8793-1cf592507eae_zpsb0822885.jpg

** It's ME time - it may sound selfish, but it's my time to think and process. It's a stress reliever. 

** I spend time with God - I use this time to pray and listen to sermons. 
** I can do it where-ever  I go... For example (picture above) We went to the beach last week. I packed my shoes and went runner here. 
** You get to see beautiful places...I have traveled quite a bit and I love running in those places, it helps me explore the city or the country side. 
** I can eat what I want: Not that I eat poorly, but I don't feel as bad about eating carbs, etc....knowing I need the carbs for running :) 
** There is camaraderie - runners gather together at races, events, etc...they cheer each other on and encourage one another. 
** It helps me stay in shape. I feel so much better with my body when I am actively running. 
Why do you run??

Coffee & Macarons

Beach Mountain Run photo 21a88994-25da-4fb3-8859-c0f3e6b72d10_zps2e94ddbd.jpg


Amy L said...

Agree with all of these! Especially the "me" time. Even if I'm running with a group, I enjoy getting lost in my music and thoughts. :)

Becky said...

Great reasons! I agree with you. Love your blog- and love running!!!

Amanda said...

I love that running can be done anywhere. I haven't run on the beach yet, though! That would be awesome. I'm sad I wasn't into running yet when I went to Hawaii on vacation. Running there would have been really cool.