Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{Teacher Talk Tuesday} - Vol. 3

Today on Teacher Talk, we are sharing about our partners. 

Sarah, is a first year Algebra 2 teacher. It was so crazy to me that I got partnered with Math person. This year is she dealing with the same thing many first year teachers deal with, pacing. It's so hard to know how fast/slow to go...that balance of needing to cover certain material, but not going too face that the students can't learn. I know she will get it. 

Sarah and I also share another common interest. Crocheting...you should head over to her blog to see some of her cute things. 

Sarah sent me this awesome gift package...I'm loving it all, but especially the monogrammed vinyls...I'm ready to monogram everything. Of course I love it al :) 

Thank you Sarah for the gift and encouragement. 

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