Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{25 Days of Christmas} - Days 1- 4: Advent

I have totally been neglecting my blog as of late. I guess, I needed a break. So as tradition (better late than ever), I'm doing my 25 days of Christmas Series. Since, I'm a little behind, I'll do Days 1-4 together.
Growing up Christmas, was always my favorite holiday. My parents always made it special and we had quite a few traditions. Now being married, it's fun to think about those traditions and what kind of traditions we want to start together. It's been fun to talk with Claudy about their traditions growing up. It's fun to learn more about his past.
This year, the season has been a little bit of struggle. It's hard to be back in the United States and to not get caught up in the consumerism of Christmas. So, I wanted to spend the next 25 days focusing on the meaning and purpose of Christmas. I purchased 2 different Advent Items...
It's a short daily devotional and if you have read any of her other items, this one doesn't disappoint.
I'm in love with these prints and I love that they sit below my tv where I see them every day.

What are you guys doing for advent?

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