Thursday, July 16, 2015

{Happy 1st Birthday Lia}

Happy 1st birthday baby girl. 

I'm not sure how it is possible that a year has already passed by, but you changed our world and we've loved every minute. 

I love you more than I ever dreamed possible. I've tried to enjoy the last year: the sleepless nights, the snuggles, the cries, all of your firsts...knowing that it won't last forever. You are so independent, I know there will be a day, sooner than I would like, when you will say, "Mommy I do it myself." Part of that will break my heart, even though I know it is a good thing. 

You like to play in the water, you like to climb, you like to read books, you like cows, you like to play the guitar with your daddy, you like to be chased, you like to give hugs and kisses, you like mac and cheese, you like fruit. you like to drink out of a straw, you like to talk and you like your Nuk. 

You are independent, social, determined, and spunky. Your smile and eyes make people smile. 

I pray for you all the time. I pray that God will draw himself to you and turn your heart to him. I pray you are content and selfless. I pray you have a desire to give to others and that you learn to love. I pray you fear the Lord, but live with a reckless abandon towards Him. 

I love watching you grow and getting to know more of your personality.
God created you to be you! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are not a mistake, you were planned and knit together by the All-Knowing God. 

I love you more than you will ever know. 


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