Friday, October 28, 2016

2016 Holiday Mug Swap

I've seen these Mug Swaps hosted before and after purchasing my holiday mug set and seeing all the responses, I realized everyone loves a good mug! So, I decided to host a Holiday Mug Swap.

1. Sign up using the below form. Open to everyone (not just bloggers), but must have a US mailing address.
2. Sign ups close September November 11 and you will receive your partner by the 14th at the very latest.
3. Spend 1 -2 weeks getting to know your buddy through the social media information you were given. 
4. Send out a mug to them before December 2nd.  The MAXIMUM you should spend on the mug is $15.  – you’re partner deserves a nice mug!
5. I’d love to see your mugs when you get them. Use the hashtag #RRHolidayMugSwap16 to share pictures and tweets!
6. Share it! Make sure to tell your friends about the swap on twitter and instagram!
Disclaimer: I’m hosting this swap as a fun way for people to connect and have fun swapping a mug. However, I can’t be held responsible for your partner’s actions. I like to believe everyone will be fair and only sign up if they intend to swap a mug, but there is always an off chance that someone is dishonest. If you haven’t heard from your partner or do not receive a mug, please email me to let me know ( and I will do the best I can to remedy it, but no promises can be made. 
After you’ve read all the rules, and agree the the terms, go head and

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