Saturday, May 4, 2013

{Everyday in May} - Favorite Quote

I don't know that his is my favorite quote...but I saw it on Instagram the other day and I really connected with it. 

Yesterday, I shared that it was a struggle for me to live in poverty. As much struggle as I have had, my heart is full of joy! My hunger is meet here...I'm satisfied.. I know this is where God has called me. 


Stephanie McDonnell said...

Ahh! It took me a moment to realize the boy in that picture was on one leg. Once I did, and put two-and-two together, I shouted with joy. I wish you could have heard my little applause.

I quickly read through the post you mentioned yesterday about living in poverty, and then your "About Me" page, and can I just say you are doing amazing things. I won't say you ought not to get discouraged, but WOW, God has called you to something spectacular. Keep at it!


Claudy Ashlee Francois said...

Thank you for the encouragement...I'm so blessed to be called to this ministry :)

Erika @ said...

I just found your blog through the Blog Every Day in May Challenge! :) (I posted this at your old blog and then realized you had moved...) :)

Wow, what a great quote and I am saving it for sure! I think sometimes we think that giving back to the world will mean suffering and misery -- but I love that it can mean fulfillment, joy, and service!

Claudy Ashlee Francois said...

Erika - I so agree with your comment. Also, there is often times of sufferring when we are serving, but there is ALWAYS fulfillment!