Saturday, May 4, 2013

A New Blog...the Redeemed Runner

For those of you that know me well...

I like change and I love Seasons. 

One of my former roommates, Renee, always commented how I liked to change everything in our house according to, scents, decor, etc.. 

It's true.. I love the change, and I appreciate the different things in life. 

This is a new season for us. Since, the last blog name reflected my Maiden name and our role is changing, I thought it was a fitting time for a blog change! 

The Design

Thank you to Aubrey, from The Kinch Life...She did an amazing job with the design. I couldn't have asked for a better one :) 

If you need a new blog design, Check her out!
The Name

Redeemed Runner...I'm so thankful for Christ Redemption...I have redeemed tattooed on me as a reminder to not forgot God's faithfulness...and, I love to run! 
So...if you are on Bloglovin come and FOLLOW ME or if you don't use a blog reader, just save this new link!! 

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