Monday, May 13, 2013

{Everyday in May} - I'm sorry

Dear Claudy - 

We have only been married for a short 11 months. During those 11 months, I have grown more in love with you! 

During those 11 months I have never been more aware of how selfish I can be, how hard-headed I am, how emotional I am, and how short-tempered I am. 

I'm sorry that a lot of times, you have to experience the worst of all of these things. You remain to be so selfless and patient, you are so forgiving and you are consistently trying to sharpen me! 

You make me better!! I'm so honored to be your wife. Thank you for remaining faithful to make me better even when I fail :) 

I love you!


Jana said...

Girl, this sounds exactly like the apology I so often have to give my husband. Sounds like we both lucked out with our fabulous and patient husbands. :)

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

having a relaxed hubby is so great. it will be nine years for us this year. so i know it take time. working out all the kinks or whatever you wish to call it. it always takes time to figure it all out. cute apology. have a great day. ( :

Claudy Ashlee Francois said...

I certainly did luck out :) I'm so blessed

Claudy Ashlee Francois said...

Thanks, I was amazed at how quickly I realized it was going to take work :) It is worth it though :)