Monday, May 20, 2013

{Everyday in May} - When your Values and Compassion Collide

On the mission field, we are forced to make many decisions that are not easy. That is the reason we have values...we have guidelines we follow, so we can make a decision based on who we are. 

What I am struggling with most, is how to make those decisions when you no longer care about the value, because your heart is hurting so much for those people. 

How do you make those decisions when your compassion collides with those values. 

How do you say no to giving people food, when they are hungry? 
How do you not help people that are sick? 
How do you not help people finish school? 

The thing is, I know we have values for a reason....I know that if I feed someone today, they will be hungry tomorrow. Giving them food, is just a temporary fix. There are deeper issues...but aren't we suppose to feed the hungry? What about when people are sick, is it fine then to help even though it doesn't align with our values? 

I know there are no simple answers and the truth is there isn't a right answer, each situation may be different..but it's a struggle when there are so many needs everywhere! 

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