Friday, August 23, 2013

{Friday Favorites} - August 23

I can't believe that it has been over a month since I have done a Friday Favorites list. It's been a crazy month, to say the list. It also seems I took a bit of a blogging leave, I didn't intend to, but we are adjusting back to a different life. We keep having to remind ourselves, we are here to stay and we don't have to do everything in 3 weeks.
1. Claudy  - I am so thankful for my hubby! We have so enjoyed having time together, just us, going on a couple of dates and spending time together. However, I am so grateful for him and his patience with me. This move has been harder on me than on him. I am so grateful that I married up :)

 2. Visit from Family - My grandma, her husband Wes, Uncle Jim and Aunt Jill all came into town last weekend. We had some great times with them.
Picture taken with my iphone...sorry blurry - but from R to L - My Dad, Grandma, Wes, Aunt Jacki, and Aunt Jill

3. Nieces and Nephews - They are such a joy to us. We have loved spending so much time with all of them the last 3 weeks. We have missed out on so much being gone, but my brothers and their ladies did a great job keeping us connected with their kids :) We are so BLESSED!!
Jett - Is getting ready to go skiing...notice the robe in the water.. It wants to be like the big kids :)
4. The Lake- This is my favorite place. I have so many memories here...No more words are needed. Beauty
5. Job and Fall? - I have a great job. I am so blessed that I was able to go back to work for FLVS. One of the many things I love about my job, is that I can work from anywhere. Yesterday, I needed to go to the Social Security Office to change my name (don't judge me, yes we have been married for 14 months), but I had a meeting before hand. I took a detour and attended my meeting, from Carribou. Greatness!! Not to mention, it's fall?? Not really but they have the fall drinks out.. Did someone say PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!!!!! YUM!!!!!!
Have a great weekend! Hopefully I will be back blogging more now that we are in a little bit more of a routine :)

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Unknown said...

Ash and Claudy, So happy to see your smiling faces back in Minnesota!
If you come to Florida in the future please visit with us!
Love, Annabanana

[darci @ the good life] said...

So glad you joined the link-up!!!

And isn't working remotely the best ever?? So many perks! ;) Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!