Thursday, October 3, 2013

{#31Days of Thanks} - Day 3 - Best Friends

What would life be like, without a best friend. 

A friend to laugh with, to cry with, to share with

I've got a great bestie... 

We met teaching at a private Christian School in Florida and later became roommates. During our 3 years living together, we didn't fight once. We got along, had Saturday Gameday and Coffee Mornings, Monthly pedicures, etc. 

We no longer live by each other, She got married and I went to Haiti (and then got married)...but we have remained close. have always been an encouragement to me, to comfort me, to give me good advice, to tell me the hard things. Thank you!! Thank you for always being there :) 

I love you and miss you!!

The Redeemed Runner – #31Days of Thanks

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