Monday, September 30, 2013

{#31Days of Thanks}

Since arriving back, I have struggled some. Not just with blogging, but in different areas of life. When I saw The Nesting Place was doing a #31days challenge, I knew what I would talk about. THANKS!!
I know that this would make more since in November, but we are always suppose to be thankful!!
Will you join me?? #31days of Thanks or maybe your own #31days!!
Day 1 - Family
Day 2 - Sunrises
 Day 3 - Best Friends
Day 5 - Date Nights
 Day 7 - Girls Weekend
Day 8 - Candles
Day 9 - Podcasts
Day 10 - Our Home
 Sorry I'm not great at creating these.
The Redeemed Runner – #31Days of Thanks

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