Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#GreatChristmasExchange 2014

One of my favorite blogging things as of late are exchanges and link-ups. It's so fun connecting with other bloggers and really having a community. When Beth and Samantha announced their Christmas link up, I knew I needed to join.

I was given Ally's name and were given these hints.

Favorite things: A few of my favorite things:Coffee & coffee mugs, Candles, Journals, Quotes & calligraphy, Infiniti scarves, Chocolate (any kind), I could live in Target, TJMaxx and Gap
-I love the fall season, but Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and I LOVE The Grinch - watching it is a big tradition in my family

I opted to buy her a sweater coffee mug, Christmas coffee and a bag of journals. (Being the bad blogger that I am, I forgot to take a picture before I sent it off). I hope she liked it.

I Received

I was sent this fabulous package from Jenny who blogs at Wonderfully - Complex. All I can say is wow. The scarf, pencils, stationary, journal, were perfect. If I wouldn't have been so excited about what I got, I maybe would have though of taking pictures of the individual things (oops, I'm preggo give me a break), but thankfully Jenny posted pictures :)

It has been fun to start following Jenny's blog, since her big reveal and fun to see her heart for the Lord. It's fun to have gained another blogging friend.


Robyn B said...

Jenny's gift is so wonderful! :) love her & her blog!

Lauren said...

What fun gifts, I am having so much fun looking at what everyone got!
Xo, Lauren of cornwellfam.com

lacey said...

don't feel bad. i didn't take pictures of many of my things either because i wrapped them all first. makes complete sense. what a great variety of gifts you got! wasn't this fun??

Elizabeth Than said...

Same here too. I got all excited in my partner's and forgot to snap on mine, but all's good.

Jenny Fish said...

Aw, thanks Ashlee! It was so much fun reading your blog and learning more about you. I am so glad you liked the gift! And I'm so excited for you and your growing family!

Elizabeth said...

I know!! that is one of my favorite things about the exchange - new blogging friends!!

everything looks wonderful! that scarf is so fun!!

Samantha @ Elah Tree said...

This is so fun! I'm so glad you participated!