Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{Blog-tember} Seasons - September Goals

Those of you that have been friends with me for a while know that I love seasons. I love to enjoy what each one has to offer (okay, I struggle with winter). As much as I love summer and hate to see it go, there some equally great things about Fall!! So today, I welcome fall. New home decor is up, the fall scents are in the burners and new fall candles are out, football has started, the mornings are getting cooler, I've been seeing lots of Pinterest outfit pictures of sweaters and boots and back to school pictures have filled my Newsfeed today. I'm excited for what this next season brings. 

I love my job and definitely wouldn't trade it for anything, but seeing all of those back to school pictures, makes me miss the first day of school. I miss the excitement, the buzz in the hallways, the smell of new school supplies (I got to buy my hubby school supplies, so that helps), new outfits, and friends reuniting. 

Another "season" starts for me next week. This week marks the last week of maternity leave. While, I work at home and for now am not taking her to day care, our time together will change. I will have to learn how to find balance again. 

I never done monthly goals before, but felt that with this new change in life, it may be good to set some monthly goals. So....

September Goals

1. Take at least 10 - 15 minutes every day to spend in the word (I know this isn't a lot of time and would love for it to be more). 
2. Exercise 30 minutes - 5 days a week. 
3. Get ready everyday (I know I work from home, but I think this is important). 
4. Go on at least one date night with my hubby without baby girl. 
5. Social media free weekends. 
6. Read one fiction book and one non-fiction book
7. Blog at least 4 times (I would love to get to a couple of times a week, but we will start small). 

And just because...here is a cute picture of little girl...She is getting so big and her smiling more and more....can't wait hear her giggles. 

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Renee said...

I love these goals! You've always been great at sticking to your schedules of quiet time, working out, and ALWAYS looking good even if you were working from home :) I know little miss Lia adds a new level of challenge, but if anyone can do it, it's you :)

I love you!
PS - only 2 months until Christmas music ;)

Tricia Nae said...

love your goals. I work from home too...and I need to be better about getting ready for the day. I would probably get more accomplished!!!