Thursday, November 6, 2014

I'm Sorry...

I'm sorry...
You may not know it, but I've judged you....

I'm owning up. I remember thinking when a mom would complain about all the todo's, about the sick baby, about not being able to ready, about not exercising, about the lack of time; "how hard can it be, your just using your children as an excuse." 

I'm sorry....I was wrong. It is hard. It's hard to do it all and to do it all well. In fact most days it's impossible, especially if you want to give those little ones the time they deserve. 

It's exhausting. No matter how many times people told me, it didn't sink in, until it was me. Even then it didn't even sink in until about a month ago. 

So how do we do it. How do we get all of our things done, play with our children, spend time in the word, exercise, etc....Do you get up early? Do you stay up late? Do you not get it done? 

I've been lacking with my time in the word. My soul misses those sweet moments alone with the Lord every morning. Lia doesn't have a great schedule, so even getting up at 6, doesn't always guarantee I'll get that time.

I'm sorry mom's that I've judged! You're a rockstar and doing all you can! Keep on keepin' on. 

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