Thursday, December 18, 2014

{25 Days of Christmas} - Day 19 - Friday Favorites

It's Friday!! I'm doing my happy dance! We officially are starting Winter Break! This teacher is excited to relax and enjoy the holiday's. 
1// On Saturday, we traveled to Becker and Rogers to watch my nieces play basketball. It's safe to say Lia didn't suffer for attention! She was so good. Seriously, she is a easy baby!

2//Our little mover discovered the presents. We thought we were safe this year, I guess not.

3//I love how much Cash and Lia love each other!!

4//Sleeping with her daddy. Seriously she just falls asleep so nicely with him. I wish she would do that for me!!

5//Pig Tails - We tried some pig tails!! I love them! Although she has such cute curls that are everywhere (which makes it cuter) I love the pigtails.

Happy Friday y'all!



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