Friday, April 10, 2015

{Friday Favorites} - April 10

It has been a while since I've posted. It seems like all of my pictures are of Lia these days and we stay in a lot :) But, now that it is getting nicer out, look for that to change!

1. The 2015 Masters tournament is this weekend. I know it's a little weird that I like to watch golf, but I do! Anyways, go to the Masters in on my bucket list of things I would love to do. Can we talk about that always looks so perfect!

2. DUKE WINS!! I have been a Duke fan for a long time, but was a little torn going into the finals...They prevailed! Going to watch a FINAL FOUR is also on my bucket list. I love the last 3 weeks in March and all the basketball that we watch. On Monday night, it is always a little sad, when the last game is over. However, ONE SHINING one of my favorite things each year. Each year, I'm always a little teary-eyed when I watch it. Here is this years video :) 

3. 60th Anniversary - On April 3rd, my grandparents celebrated their 60th anniversary. While the last 10 years, my grandfather has had Alzheimer's and lived in the nursing home for the last 7, my grandma has shown and modeled what it is like to love in all circumstances. She visits him daily, baths and shaves him, she truly serves him. It is such a picture of love and devotion (even knowing you will get nothing in return).

4. LiaMarie is Walking...seriously, she is not even 9 months, she was taking steps for a couple of weeks, but this week she really started choosing to walk. Time slow down!!

5. BBQ & Bikini's: We started a new April Challenge group. This month we are focusing on Summer!! We have a monthly meal plan all with delicious grilling recipes. It's been a fun group and I've seen some of my gals losing 10-15 lbs in the last month or so! It's so fun to see people reaching their goals!! 

Have a great weekend!!


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