Sunday, May 5, 2013

{Everyday in May} - Favorite Bloggers

Proverbs 31 Girl

Meet Allie

Allie and I were roommates our freshman year of college at Northwestern. We always knew how to have a good laugh and we grew alot our freshman year. I'm blessed to call her friend, even though we haven't seen each other for years.

Allie starting blogging a few years ago about DIY things. She and her hubby have done some awesome things to their farmhouse.

I love reading her blog and seeing all of the creative things that she does.

Allie doesn't only talk about DIY things, she also talks about her faith. Even though I live from a far, I have learned so much through their families journey and her incrediable faith and hope in the Lord. Her ability to praise the Lord in ALL circumstances!

Thanks Allie for sharing your heart with so many of us. I know that we haven't seen eachother for ages, but I so appreciate your friendship and watching you continue to grow!


allie said... are the sweetest ash!! Love you girl!!! and the new blog look:):) xoxo

Claudy Ashlee Francois said...

Thanks!! Love ya too!

PS I can't wait to come to one of the next Whimsy's :)

Amanda said...

Visiting from the linkup! Looks like a fun blog to follow. Also, I love your blog design! Aubrey did a great job. P.S. I love to run too :)

Claudy Ashlee Francois said...

Thanks, I'm loving the blog design. Love to hear of other runners :)

Betty Taylor said...

Nice tribute to Allie! I will have to go take a look at her blog. Just started the Challenge. I have a little catching up to do. I am going to follow you on Pinterest. I love getting to know everyone!

Claudy Ashlee Francois said...

Yes, please check her blog out! It is fantastic. Hope you like the Challenge, I love it so far! Thanks for the add on Pinterest!