Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Soccer Tournament

The last 3 weeks we have had groups from Hershey visiting. We decided to help host a soccer tournament. Claudy really did all of the organizing with some locals and our friend Aaron. The first week was 11-14 year olds, which kinda ended up to being 14-17 year olds. So this week, we included more teams and made the age range to the 20's. 

Here are some pictures from the week. 
 photo Soccer1_zps6809c5ea.jpg

Go #8...That's my hubby :)
 photo Soccer2_zpsb67e531e.jpg

 photo Soccer3_zps4358773e.jpg

 photo Soccer4_zpsa04fa5e5.jpg
Of course, I took time to play with some of the kids from the village :) 
Natha - the one on the one of my favorites.
 photo Soccer5_zps23806ad8.jpg
So Claudy and some of our other RG employees, were on a team. They were losing 3-0.. David (YP from Hershey), leans over and says, "if they score, I'm storming the field like the other team and picking up Claudy." Well, Claudy scored and David did as he said...he thought others would follow...they didn't... Until the 2nd and 3rd goals...That's right it was a come back.
 photo Soccer6_zps2beeb548.jpg

The match ended in a tie...They resulted to a shoot out!! Our team won!!
 photo Soccer7_zps4ace23d3.jpg

 photo Soccer8_zpsc1f9da5b.jpg

We ended with a beautiful moonlight. 

It was great to have the community out some many nights in a row and to see them get excited!!

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