Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{We Made It}

Claudy and I made it safely to the U.S. Since arriving life has been a blur. A good blur, but a blur. We are slowly getting settled, although it still feels like we are just here on a vacation. I've only had one freak out moment (so far).
We had a great weekend with our family. Here are some pictures :)
1//First class...Claudy says he never wants to fly anything but first class again.

2//We finally got to meet cash :) I'm in love :) 
3//My brother chad picked us up at the airport. It was great seeing Jett and Abby too!!

4//When we arrived at the cabin on Saturday, Dani made us a sign.. Welcome Home Ashlee and Clady (oops :) 
5//It was a little cold, but we went fishing with Cory and Shannon

6//Claudy got to drive the boat.

7//Birthday Party time....We gave Jett and Troy a PiƱata!! So much fun.

8//Enjoying new running routes.

9//Before church, a view from the backyard of my parents house.

10//We went on a boat ride :)

11//My Favorite view...on the lake
12//I even had time to cut some hair.

13. Claudy working on our closets :)

More to come...

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