Monday, October 7, 2013

{#31Days of Thanks} - Day 5 - Date Nights

For our first year of marriage we lived in Haiti. In fact, we did all of our dating in Haiti too. Well if you have been to Haiti, you know that finding places to go for dates, is not an easy task, unless you want to drive a ways and spend a lot of money (for some you that may be hard to believe). So...most of our dates were at the grocery store.
Since being back in the US. We have been able to go on real dates...It has been so much fun, spending intentional time with my husband, where it is just us and we can laugh and talk.
This last weekend, my husband took me I made my husband take me out to eat. We live in a small town, so again, unless we want to drive about an hour there aren't many options, but... Morris does have a little gem of a restaurant.
It has the best Italian food and a great atmosphere. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with each other and to grow together.

The Redeemed Runner – #31Days of Thanks

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