Friday, October 18, 2013

{#31Days of Thanks} - Day 8 - Candles

To say that I love Candles is maybe an understatement. They put me in a good mood, relax me, help me to stay focused. I know you may be thinking, "WOW all that from a candle" It's impressive, isn't it :) 
Candles set an atmosphere. I love having them by my work computer, or in a lowly lit room. Of course, I love the smell.
I went back to my instagram feed and this is what I found...Apparently I like to post pictures of my candles :)

My favorite candle is: Leaves from Bath and Body
I just picked up their Autumn Day, Cider Lane and Flannel...All of which are great for the Fall.
For the winter season: I love there scent, Winter or Tis the Season.
For Summer or Spring, I love a lot of the Better Homes and Garden line that Walmart sells and I like anything fruity or flowery...(They have great scents all the time and are super cheap, but good quality). There wax cubes and wax burners are also amazing.
What are your favorite scents?

The Redeemed Runner – #31Days of Thanks


Veronica Lee Burns said...

haha that's great!
I love candles too but the husband doesn't agree as much...

c a n d a c e said...

I'm totally in love with Candles too!! Anything Pumpkin Spice is my forte. I also love pine mint. Mmmm Mmm!