Thursday, October 24, 2013

{52 Weeks of Awesomeness}

If you have followed me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I am doing a 365 photo a day challenge. That challenge is almost up, Dec 31. I was reading a couple of blogs today and came across this challenge by LaBrisa, I'm so excited to make this a photo/blog challenge :) Hopefully it will get me using my camera more lately.
Week One: Introduce Yourself [10.31.13]
Week Two: Costumes [11.07.13]
Week Three: Honor [11.14.13]
Week Four: Artificial Light Vs. Natural Light (Two Images) [11.21.13]
Week Five: Gluttony [11.28.13]
Week Six: Thankfulness [12.05.13]
Week Seven: Your Favorite Color [12.12.13]
Week Eight: Slow Shutter Speed vs. Fast Shutter Speed (Two Images) [12.19.13]
Week Nine: Joy [12.21.13]
Week Ten: Gifts [01.02.14]
Week Eleven: Celebration [01.09.14]
Week Twelve: Fire vs. Smoke (Two Images) [01.16.14]
Week Thirteen: Dreams [01.23.14]
Week Fourteen: Winter [01.30.14]
Week Fifteen: Gametime [02.06.14]
Week Sixteen: Intentionally OOF (out of focus) [02.13.14]
Week Seventeen: Love [02.20.14]
Week Eighteen: Lust [02.27.14]
Week Nineteen: Inspired by movie [03.06.14]
Week Twenty: One for the Road (Signs, Streets, Traffic, etc) [03.13.14]
Week Twenty-One: Green [03.20.14]
Week Twenty-Two: Macro vs. Micro (close up vs minature) [03.27.14]
Week Twenty-Three: Pride [04.03.14]
Week Twenty-Four: Foolish [04.10.14]
Week Twenty-Five: Greed [04.17.14]
Week Twenty-Six: Spring [04.24.14]
Week Twenty-Seven: Portrait of a friend vs. Portrait of a stranger (two images) [5.01.14]
Week Twenty-Eight: Tequila [05.08.14]
Week Twenty-Nine: Mom [05.15.14]
Week Thirty: SOOC (straight out of the camera vs. edited) [05.20.14]
Week Thirty-One: Loss [05.29.14]
Week Thirty-Two: Music [06.05.14]
Week Thirty-Three: Your Favorite Shoes [06.12.14]
Week Thirty-Four: Dad [06.19.14]
Week Thirty-Five: Color vs. Black & White (two images) [06.26.14]
Week Thirty-Six: Summer [07.03.14]
Week Thirty-Seven: Fireworks [07.10.14]
Week Thirty-Eight: Pets [07.17.14]
Week Thirty-Nine: Envy [07.24.14]
Week Forty: Water in Multiple Forms (at least two) [07.31.14]
Week Forty-One: Travel [08.07.14]
Week Forty-Two: Sunrise vs. Sunset (two images) [08.14.14]
Week Forty-Three: Motion [08.21.14]
Week Forty-Four: Overcome your Fear [08.28.14]
Week Forty-Five: Sloth [09.04.14]
Week Forty-Six: Shadows vs. Reflections (two images) [09.11.14]
Week Forty-Seven: Hero [09.18.14]
Week Forty-Eight: Silhouette [09.25.14]
Week Forty-Nine: Wrath [10.02.14]
Week Fifty: What you do for fun? [10.09.14]
Week Fifty-One: Autumn [10.16.14]
Week Fifty-Two: Self Portrait [10.23.14]
Come back every Thursday to see my photo/blog challenge.

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