Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Goals

Another month has passed. It's hard to believe that fall is in full swing and harvest is starting. 
I love fall! I love getting out my mittens, my scarves, great smelling candles, the changing of colors, and football! 

It's time again for Monthly Goals. Here is how I did in September.

September's Goals
1. Take at least 10 - 15 minutes every day to spend in the word (I know this isn't a lot of time and would love for it to be more). I did pretty good on this, but I missed a couple of days.
2. Exercise 30 minutes - 5 days a week. I'm learning that even though it seems selfish, I need this 30 minutes!
3. Get ready everyday (I know I work from home, but I think this is important). 
4. Go on at least one date night with my hubby without baby girl. date nights.
5. Social media free weekends. Failed again...I really did try, but couldn't stay away.
6. Read one fiction book and one non-fiction book Done, thanks to a work trip!
7. Blog at least 4 times (I would love to get to a couple of times a week, but we will start small). I'm not sure how I did this, but we did. 
October Goals
1. Bake - I love cooking with Pumpkin, so I'm hoping to bake some fall goodies. 
2. Date Night - We are going to try this one again. 
3. Take more pictures (With my good camera) - Y'all I feel like I am failing little girl, I've hardly taken pictures of the girl with our good camera
4. Make some videos to send my students. 
5. Read a book - It's on again, because it's good for my mind :)

More blogs coming soon...


Mariel Collins said...

Goal #3 is so me! I take way to many Iphone pics and as good as the camera is, it's not a real camera. Maybe if I had a cute camera strap it'll help lol!

Kate Mossy said...

I love this idea AND I love that you were realistic when you tried and failed. Maybe you will get a date night this month!