Monday, December 1, 2014

{25 Days of Christmas} - Day 1 - December Goals

It's always amazing to me how fast each month passes, especially during this time of year. We had a great thanksgiving with my family and then rested the rest of the weekend as our little family of 3.

November Goals
1. Decorate for Christmas - I decorated about the 2nd week of November, I love enjoying our tree and the white twinkle lights. 
2. Date Night - This kind of happened. We went with Auddy and Islande to the school musical and mom and dad watched Lia. 
3. Go to the cities as a family. - We had a great time seeing friends and did a little shopping. 
4. Start Christmas Shopping - Done!! All done!!
5. Eat Clean - I've been having Shakeology about 5 times a week. I've seen great results so far. 
6. Have a play date -First playdate at our house a success.
7. Start P90 - 30 days and in and I love it! 30 minutes a day and its not ridiculously hard, but I'm seeing results. (I'll share those soon)

December Goals
1. Blog 25 Days of Christmas - I've tried for the last 2 years and failed. Hoping this year is the year. 
2. Complete Advent Studies - I've got 2 this year. I'll share more about those tomorrow. 
3. Maintain Weightloss During Holidays - This is a tough one. I love all of the snacky foods that is around during the holidays. 
4. Rise Early in the Morning - I just don't seem to get it all done in the evenings. I had this happen to me last year and I decided to get up early and workout, read, etc...since having Lia, I've been sleeping in. Now she is sleeping more on a consistent schedule, so Early mornings it is. They say it takes 30 days to make a habit :) 
5. Mail out Christmas cards - We scored 60% on snapfish the other day, so cards are here, just need to mail them out. 
6. No Spend December - Since the Christmas presents are bought, I'm committed to not spending any money on ourselves, only necessities.

What are your goals this month?

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