Friday, January 30, 2015

{Friday Favorites} - January 30

I have had quite the blogging hiatus. Unintentional...but nevertheless, a hiatus. 

I'm excited for some blog things I have coming up! Today marks the end of my first Beachbody Challenge group and I've asked some of my challengers to share not only how this has affected change in their bodies, but change in their lives.  Stay tuned next week for our first interview.

1. Bath Time - Lia loves bath time and no, I didn't stand her up, she is doing that all on her own. As we speak she is crawling towards the stairs. Oh my! Time to baby proof.

2. I love InsanityMax30. I love that I record my max out times and then it pushes me to go harder the next time! I love seeing improvements

3. She refuses to eat being we went to the high chair :) Likes being independent. My kind of girl!

4. Her grandma made her this awesome blanket :)

5. 2 new teeth and she did pretty good with them!!



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