Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals

January Goals
1. Read 1 Non-Fiction and 1 Fiction Book: I did half of this, I got through one Fiction book on vacation. 
2. Get a Pedicure/Massage - Of course I did this!! It was awesome 
3. Early Mornings - This was a failure. Anyone heard of 6 month sleep regression. lol...
4. Unplug one weekend this month - ugh...I failed again. 
5. Start Project 365 - I started this, but didn't keep up with it.

February Goals
1. Unplug in the evenings - From when I finish work until Lia is asleep, I'm staying off social media and off my phone. I started this a week ago and I find she has so much fun, when I give her my all.
2. Read my Bible everyday - Since I haven't been getting up early due to Lia's sleep regression, my bible reading has been suffering.
3. Finish Round 1 of Insanity Max 30 - I love this workout. I'm just starting week 3 and it is awesome! I love that I am challenged to beat my previous time.
4. Read 1 Non-Fiction and 1 Fiction Book: My friend Megan wrote a book: "Miracle on Voodoo Mountain" I am planning on reading it this month.
5. Go to the Movies: Claudy and I have been wanting to go to the movies...Hoping it happens this month!
6. Blog need to comment further on that.

Do you guys celebrate Valentine's Day? We did when we lived in Haiti, but last year we didn't really? What do you do for Valentine's Day?

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