Thursday, February 5, 2015


I get asked often what I miss most about Haiti. The number one answer, is the people, our friends. Part of what makes that question so easy to answer and why the people, is the way of living in Haiti. Even though we were busy and there was always a lot to do, it felt that often time stood still...Our evenings weren't spent running from one activity to the next, but they were spent in the community playing soccer, walking, or hanging out on the porch with our friends. Haiti is very community based and you are always free to visit a neighbor, stop by, sit on their porch, talk, and visit. I miss people stopping by our house, I miss the neighborhood boys that would come and play, I miss all of those things. I miss time....

It's no question, getting time in the word was more difficult when we moved home from Haiti, but it has been extremely more difficult since having Lia. I've been told that I'm being to hard on myself. While that may be true, my soul craves that time that I've lost. My soul misses the oneness with my Savior. I know that at this point in time, I'm probably not going to be able to get in hour in during the mornings (until Lia starts sleeping through the night), but I know that some changes can be made. 

* Take the first 15-20 min of morning nap time (I very rarely have appointments scheduled at this time) 
* Listen to Christian music while working, instead of having the TV on. 
* In the evenings about 30 min before we go to bed, I love to lay in bed and watch Netflix, I've been feeling a very strong conviction that this time could be better used, so I'm now watching a sermon, or a part of a sermon each night before bed. 

Yes, time is hard to come by, by my priorities needed adjusted! 

I'd love to hear what you other moms with littles do to get time in the word in....

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