Wednesday, September 2, 2015

{September Goals}

Well, July & August came and went. Work was super busy and I tried to make every effort to live in the moment and enjoy our "summer". Because of that, the blog suffered! I'm back this month, and what better way to start then my monthly goals! I just had to use the fall pic of Lia from last year! Look how little she was...

Here we go with those goals!

1. Work trip to Florida
2. 100 of 1000 gifts
3. Help 5 - 7 more people reach their health and fitness goals
4.  Build my Beachbody Team
5. Attend a football game - I love football!!!
6. Take a family picture - Seriouslly we have like 2 total and they are selfies :(
7. Read 1 non-fiction and 1 fiction book
8. Another Round of 21 Day Fix - Want to do it with me? 
9. No spend September - Only spend money on the necessities. This is hard for me, I love shopping in the fall (reminding myself that we wear these clothes for 6 months)
10. Participate in Bible Study
11. Get Lia to sleep through the night  - Help this mommy needs sleep!!
 12. One date night before Harvest
13. Friday Favorites blog every week.

What are your monthly goals? 

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